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40x33 cm 

Öl, Acryl und Tusche auf Chiffon



Die Malerei ist Teil meiner "Vision Diary"-Serie, in welcher ich den Malereien fantastischen Kurzgeschichten gegenüberstelle. Die Geschichten sind Gedankenspiele der Vergangenheit, Zukunft und Gegenwart. Die Malerei sind collagenartige Spielereien jenseits von Raum und Zeit. 


"It became a real problem: even though the journey ended fatally for some people, exhaustion was the main threat for human society. The “riders”, as they were called, embarked on a digital joy ride with VR goggles and body-monitors to sense every physical reaction. Perfectly individualized content played on their personal mood and preferences to the point of absolute ecstasy. It was a complex composition that became an addictive experience. There was no more energy left for reality."


450,00 €Preis
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